April 15, 2013 is a day that will be remembered from this day forward. As someone close to me put it, I will be able to tell my new niece and nephew that I was there, the image of the day seared into the memory of our generation and imprinted in the history books of our children.

Origin Hops has an odd connection to the 2013 Boston Marathon. One of the fundraising perks— at the $26 level and higher—was to have the donor’s name featured on my Boston Marathon running shirt. I shelled out a little extra cash to order a running top with the Origin Hops logo featured across the front and a thank you to sponsors on the back. As the list of sponsors grew longer, I realized I had a lot of names to add in a ever-tightening space.

Front of Origin Hops running shirt from 2013 Boston Marathon.

Front of 2013 Boston Marathon running shirt

Origin Hops running shirt from 2013 Boston Marathon

Back of 2013 Boston Marathon running shirt

There are many stories from that day. Thankfully, ours were tame. My friends Ben Bruno, Kirsten Nagel and I were still near the finish line with friends and family when the explosions went off, though we were safe by nearly an hour from being in the path of the blasts.  Matt Powers and Doug Campbell, there to cheer me on, were seated spitting distance from the two explosions. Luckily, they too had wandered to a safer spot. We gathered at Doug’s after to watch, jaws dropped, as the news unfold. We drank beers together, though Origin Hops was far from our minds.

Ben, Kirsten and I plan to run again in 2014 if we are able. How could we not? It’s the greatest way to show our support of the resilient city.

All in for Boston.



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