Where We’re Going

July Hop yardOrigin Hops has started with a half acre hop yard, but is exploring the possibilities that lie ahead. Our vision is to help keep a piece of Goodmanor Farm active and in the family; how we get there will grow and shape along with the Centennials, Nuggets and Willamettes in the yard. Or as put by the great Wendell Berry:

Good solutions have wide margins, so that the failure of one solution does not imply the impossibility of another.

Like many growers in the Northeast, one of the challenges we face is the infrastructure needed to support expansion. Hops are a particularly time and labor intensive crop during harvest and there is a short window of time to pick the hop cones when they are ready. At the same time, processing requires costly equipment that is not currently readily available in New York State.

Luckily, the entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in New York’s Hudson Valley and greater Capital Region and there are many growers, breweries, operators and others exploring cost-effective ways to bring the needed infrastructure to the area. Together, we can traverse the wide margins and set the course for ours and other family farms.

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